Barroso incide en la necesidad de explorar los recursos en Europa

 Ayer mismo, el presidente de la Comisión Europea, Durao Barroso, habló en su discurso preparatorio del Consejo Europeo de hoy, sobre la importancia que tiene para Europa poder conocer y utilizar sus recursos. En ACIEP lo celebramos. Es todo un respaldo al sector de la Exploración y Producción de hidrocarburos, desde la defensa del interés general. Aquí os dejo el extracto, en inglés, del discurso. Pinchando aquí podéis acceder al texto completo:


We know that Europe is not endowed by abundant natural riches. The global energy equation is changing fast, and if we want to avoid losing in this race for resources, we will have to step up our joint European efforts. While the United States is on its way to become a net exporter of gas instead of an importer, as a result of the shale gas boom, Europe's import dependence is further increasing and, for oil and gas, is set to grow to over 80% by 2035.Already in 2012, industry gas prices were four times lower in the US than in Europe. For electricity prices, the EU is almost twice as expensive as the US. So this is above all a debate about our energy security and our competitiveness.

Last but not least, we need a balanced, Union-wide approach on using the potential of unconventional hydrocarbons, such as shale gas, on which the Commission is preparing an initiative.